100 Days of Songwriting Community

A gentle accountability group for songwriters.

About Us

We bring together songwriters, lyricists, and composers from all genres and skill levels to build practices and habits that give us confidence in our writing and motivation to finish songs and album projects. We believe songwriting is critical work, and encourage each other so that we can share our songs with our community, and live a meaningful life in perpetual creativity. We welcome all people. Whatever your background is, race, sexual orientation, or belief system, this is a safe place for you.

Why You Should Join Us

The only way to become a better songwriter is to write more songs. But it can be hard to get started when you’re doing it all on your own. 100 Days of Songwriting provides the gentle encouragement, ideas, and community to help support you on your songwriting journey.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all our members who share their hearts through songwriting daily. Posting your work and celebrating others who step out on a limb takes courage and a big heart. This community would not exist without you.


"Notebook full of ideas and completed songs..." –Cat Winske

"I've actually surprised myself with some of what I've created..."–Roger Harrison

"In spite of a very busy life, I do have the time for writing." –Jade

"The opportunity to post works-in-progress safely is invaluable." –David Sutherland

"A boost when I'm stuck..." –Cece Yentzen

"Knowing that I was not alone in the struggle was both a comfort and a source of motivation." –Evan Easley

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