100 Days of Songwriting

A gentle accountability group for songwriters.

About Us

We are a motivational and inspirational community that helps songwriters, composers, lyricists, and producers get into the habit of writing, sharing, and collaborating so that we all move the needle forward—finish songs, share albums and illuminate our gifts.

All are welcome. It doesn’t matter your race, sexual orientation, belief system, age, or experience level, you have a place here. We offer limited scholarships for those in need.

Why You Should Join Us

The only way to become a better songwriter is to write more songs. But it can be hard to start when you’re doing it all alone. 100 Days of Songwriting provides gentle encouragement, ideas, collaboration, and community to help support you on your songwriting journey.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all our members who share their hearts through songwriting. Posting your work and celebrating others who step out on a limb takes courage and a big heart. This community would not exist without you.


"The community is like an incubator that warmly supports and encourages your gifts to grow." – Curtis Wayne Hurley, Charlotte, NC. USA. Instructor for Delta Airlines Ramp Agents

"It's not every day that you find people who understand what you are talking about... people who have faced the same musical challenges that you have faced. " –Cece Yentzen, Austin, Texas, USA. I'm a full-time musician, mom & music teacher.

"I produced three times as many songs as normal during the 100 days as well as a load of ideas and riffs for future songwriting. And just as importantly, I really enjoyed myself."–Nick Molyneux, Portsmouth, UK. My day job is working in town planning and housing development.

"I'm so grateful that I am a part of this community. You won't meet a more supportive group of people who give gentle but honest feedback on whatever you would like to share."—Jennifer Yoo, Calistoga, USA.

"I feel the community around me ~ warm, welcoming, friendly, and supportive. Each member is a mentor from whom I can learn and grow."—Ross Gladstone, Canada. After a successful teaching career of 31 years, I continued my work to keep my farm and farm buildings up to code.

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